BP #6: There’s now one less excuse to avoid running with ZipFactor.

Have you ever skipped a run or back out of a race because your knees hurt? The new technology in our ZipFactor shoes help you avoid those problems by reducing the impact on your knees by 25% compared to your average running shoe.

At Zippy Shoe Company we are dedicated to helping you achieve your running goals by supplying you with the latest and greatest running shoes that we can. Most runners have encountered knee pain of some sort throughout their career and our new ZipFactor Running Shoes aims to help you avoid it happening to you. The main reason that so many athletes experience knee pain from running is the repetitive impact that comes with each and every foot fall as they run, the ZipFactor reduces this impact by 25% compared to your average running shoe.

For several years now the scientists on our ZipFactor team have focused on one simple thing: impact. More importantly they have focused on how to limit the amount of impact a runner sustains each step. With that knowledge at hand we have implemented new technologies that have never before been used in a running shoe. The new materials in the soles of our shoes is the very same foam that NASA uses to line the helmets of astronauts during take-off and re-entry, and during training where these helmets are trusted to keep them safe while enduring the force of nine G forces (nine times the force that gravity is putting on you right now). While you probably won’t be applying that much force to the sole of your shoe while you run we think your knees are worth it.

This new foam in the soles of our ZipFactor Running shoe reduces the impact of each step by 25% of what the average shoe endures. That means that only 75% of your normal impact would be making its way from the road up into your body where the repeated stresses can wreak havoc on not only your knees but ankles, back, and even shoulders. You may be thinking ‘NASA technology and you are only reducing it by 25%’, we know. We did a little bit of math to help you see the new possibilities you have with our new shoes. According to our friends over at MyPacer the average runner takes about 2,241 strides in just one mile of running and at the end of each one of those strides your full weight is coming back into contact with your running surface, thats a lot of force being put on all of your joints. If you are running half marathons that is almost 30,000 strides, and just under 60,000 for a full marathon. Over the course of training for those races we can save your body a lot of impact.

The all new ZipFactor Running shoes will be hitting shelves on April 2nd and available for pre-order on March 21st. Within the coming weeks we will be unveiling five completely different color schemes that will all be available for $129. So keep an eye on our twitter page to pick our your favorite. To kick things off we are going to be sending out 15%-Off codes to any of our fans that tweet us their story of missing a race due to knee pain, just use the hashtag #25LessZF.

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